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Moderustic Aquatic Glassel Fireplace Glass Rocks Propane FireplacesModerustic Aquatic Glassel Fireplace Glass Rocks Propane Fireplaces

Various Custom Fire Tables Projects.

Our customer Phil Lee, contacted us to fabricate his dream fire table.  To assure both customer satisfaction and our accuracy a cardboard mock-up was created; as seen next to the table in the first photo.

custom fire table custom fire table

It was a natural gas fire table with a double 18 stainless steel burner ring.

custom fire table custom fire table

Below the table has arrived at the house and undergoes the installation process.  The base is made from Corten Steel, which is a particular type of metal that begins to rust but then stops; but not before providing a weathered / rustic look.

custom fire table custom fire table

And though not visible, Phil requested that we attach wheels to the base, so that he could easily move his table around the patio.

custom fire table custom fire table

The outer ring is filled with our crushed lava rock and in the center ring if filled with our beautiful Cobalt Blue Base Glass FireGlass.  Lastly a glass piece placed over the table top.

Next to come?  A custom cookie cutter logo of the letters S.K.Y for his fire area.  And hopefully we will soon receive some night shots of the table on fire.

custom fire table custom fire table

A custom, natural gas 18" x 48" x 48" all stainless steel fire table with all edge welding and grounded.  Fire area size 24" x 24" with an 18" stainless steel ring.  Wheels were added for portability.

Stainless Steel Fire Table Stainless Steel Fire Table
Stainless Steel Fire Table Stainless Steel Fire Table
Stainless Steel Fire Table Stainless Steel Fire Table

The FireGlass was a combination of Gray Base Glass, Clear Pyrite Base Glass.

Stainless Steel Fire Table

This table was built for our customer Sam Consos, who initially created a card-board mock-up of the proposed table. Having this type of paper prototype is a economical way to make mistakes.

Sam Consos fire table Sam Consos fire table

Ultimately the steel fire table was powder-coated for a beautiful modern finish and filled with some of our Evergreen Reflective Base Glass fire glass.

Sam Consos fire table Sam Consos fire table
Sam Consos fire table Sam Consos fire table

Brushed aluminum construction with a transparent black powder coat finish.  Stainless steel bolts with wrinkle finish corners.  

Black Transparent Fire Pit Black Transparent Fire Pit

Completed size 24" x 36" x 18" tall with Starfire Base Glass FireGlass, fueled by natural gas.

Black Transparent Fire Pit Black Transparent Fire Pit

Paul Hammel one of our clients from San Fransisco had a very particular design idea for a portable outdoor fire table.    Made of Corten Metal and fueled by natural gas this modern custom feature is both industrial and stylish.  

Paul Hammel Paul Hammel
Paul Hammel Paul Hammel

The Media used was Four 4" Dark Brown FireBalls Three 6" Dark Brown FireBalls and 1/4" Super Black Base Glass FireGlass

Paul Hammel

Here is another great example of a cardboard mock-up leading to a custom metal fire pit/table. Once we finalize the design and make sure we've covered all the logistics we move on to fabrication.  We work with all types of metals.

Marrriot Fire Tables Marrriot Fire Tables

Valves and location are important as well.  The next fire pits were designed and built for the Marriott (Islandia previously) in Mission Bay California.  We started with several cardboard mock up tables for the hotel to approve. We will explain as we move forward.

Marrriot Fire Tables Marrriot Fire Tables
Marrriot Fire Tables Marrriot Fire Tables

They ended up using a thermocouple and pilot light system with a battery operated igniter.
Marrriot Fire Tables Marrriot Fire Tables

Built for the Marriott (Islandia previously) in Mission Bay California.The hotel decided on the granite and we cut the granite with water jet and polished the edges.
Marrriot Fire Tables Marrriot Fire Tables

These were installed on the private patios of the hotel suites.  The hotel decided on the granite and we cut the granite with water jet and polished the edges.   These were installed on the private patios of the hotel suites.
Marrriot Fire Tables Marrriot Fire Tables
Marrriot Fire Tables Marrriot Fire Tables
Marrriot Fire Tables Marrriot Fire Tables

Marrriot Fire Tables

This table was built for our customers the Borman's in Arizona. They weren't sure of what the surface of the table was to be; so they sent us various tiles to work with. We configured many variations and photographed the process. Follow along to see the process.

borman 2

borman 8 borman 5
borman 15 borman 10

Below we cut away the base board to insert the glass to laminate the mosaic glass on to. We started with a Bronze Base Glass for the insert for the light to pass through. The customer choose the New New Yellow Base Glass for the insert for the mosaic portion. Now the laminating begins of a few thousand pieces.

borman 19

Different lighting was tried until we found what worked best. A 20" x 20" pan was installed with an 18" double stainless steel burner for propane was installed. The lighting also lit the bottom portion of the table. The lighting was on a dimmer control as well.

borman 25 borman 27
borman 26 borman 28
In the pictures above you can see the propane controls or the fire feature. In between the glass mosaic pieces it was grouted which can also be any color. The table was on 6" wheels with a 20 lb propane tank underneath behind an access door.

borman 33 borman 34

The little metal corners on the bottom of the table you see are out riggers to set the table and stop it from wiggling when in place.  Below is Amber Base Glass in the fire table. 

borman 35 borman 36

Below we added a bit of Red Orange Topper.

borman 37

Below you can see the thermocouple in the bottom left corner.   Below the table has a Bronze Base Glass with Red Orange Topper on top. 

borman 40 borman 41


The next fire table was built by Brian Johnson of Omaha Nebraska, very nice! We supplied the components and Brian did the hard part, the table.  We don't have the construction pictures but we do have the table finished. Add Bronze Base Glass and to pit with 1 lb of Ice Ice Ice Topper, you are done.

Brian Johnson Fire and Water Feature Brian Johnson Fire and Water Feature

The blue is actually food coloring.

Brian Johnson Fire and Water Feature Brian Johnson Fire and Water Feature
Brian Johnson Fire and Water Feature



This particular  table was a re-design of an HGTV fire table we built several years ago, for our customer in NYC. In this first photo you can see the bottom basin pan, which catches the water as it falls through, creating a white noise. And in the 2nd photo, up in the upper left corner, you can see the Auto Fill Valve which helps regulate and maintain water levels.

New York HGTV Fire Table New York HGTV Fire Table

Intelligently designed with a removable panel for easy access for whenever maintenance is needed.     

New York HGTV Fire Table New York HGTV Fire Table
New York HGTV Fire Table New York HGTV Fire Table

The custom table was constructed of a galvanized steel, with a natural gas Fire Bowl and an overall completed size of 60" x 60" by 28". 

New York HGTV Fire Table New York HGTV Fire Table

The FireGlass used was V Blue Reflective Base Glass.

New York HGTV Fire Table 

Here you can see the tables metal frame being completed and ready for the surface work to begin.  Note, how the water falls between the small slits around the square base of the fire bowl.   Effectively hiding the waterfall, but not its white noise sound.    

New York HGTV Fire Table New York HGTV Fire Table

Here is an insane amount of pictures showing you our newest Fire Tables. These are just a few options on a few of these new laser cut tables. We will explain as we go. The table below is an aluminum table getting ready for the granite top that was picked out by it's new owner.

Fire Table 1 Fire Table 3

The granite goes on.

Fire Table 4 Fire Table 5

The Starfire Base Glass goes in with a 19" double stainless steel ring.

Fire Table 8 Fire Table 7

Fire Table 12

Here is the fire table in the customers backyard in Palm Springs California.  They used a quick
disconnect gas line to connect the fire pit from the Barbecue."

Fire Table 17 Fire Table 16

Fire Table 18

The fire pit table below is one of our newer table designs. The customer used a Starfire Base Glass and Topped it with Copper Blue TopperLime Green Topper with a few Black Luster Topper accents. We built the aluminum framed table and used their granite.

ps fire pit 2 ps fire pit 1

The portable fire table/ pit below was built by Kris Day. This is a portable Propane Fire Pit and he installed Azurlite Base Glass. This is a fairly simple project that we can help you build by monitoring and supplying the correct parts.  From the start here we go.

Kris Day Fire Table 10 Kris Day Fire Table 11

Kris Day Fire Table 9

From start to finish, propane or natural gas burners with or without a pan, we can help you build your own.

Kris Day Fire Table 5 Kris Day Fire Table 7
Kris Day Fire Table 6 Kris Day Fire Table 8


The fire bowl below is one of our newest products/ projects. The first one went to Ramsey Burton in Kentucky of which after he installs it is his ten foot granite table we will show you pictures of his project. This is a 48" spun aluminum bowl with a 24" center bowl with a water feature with fibre optics. The outer bowl has a stainless steel ring for a full surround fire feature. So here are the first proto-type pictures from the shop.

f15 f18
f16 f17
f19 f28

The glass we used was our Multi Mix Base Glass. At least 80 colors are showing.

Burton Fire Table 32 Burton Fire Table 31
f1 f4
f2 f3

These pictures show what happens when it gets darker as the fire is attracted to the water. Opposites attract, maybe this is why most of us are still together. The question is" Who is the FIRE?"

f11 f12
f21 f32
No we add the fibre optics in the center bowl.  You can change the water head for a different effect.

f36 f37
f40 f39
We are going to be showing this for the first time in Palm Springs on December 06 2007 on Thursday evening at the Village Fest. This is just a base you would build your table around and we can add any feature or effect you would like. We will be adding several features to this fire/ water feature in the next few weeks. We will be posting pictures from the Village Fest after the first showing. If you dream it, we will build it.

The fire table below was built for Dr. Ramsey Burton in Kentucky. We are going to show you from beginning in the shop to the finished product that Ramsey envisioned for his patio. Ramsey did a wonderful job in planing, building and execution of this project. The glass he used was a Starfire Base Glass with Ice Ice Ice Topper on top. Here we go:
Burton Fire Table 34 Burton Fire Table 33
These were the pictures we sent Ramsey after assembly and testing of the fire bowl, water pumps and fibre optics. The glass we tested with usually is our Multi Mix Base Glass. It tends to show off many colors and always looks great.   Above you can see the gas line and electrical.

Burton Fire Table 18 Burton Fire Table 19

Access panel below.  Below the bowl was fitted.  Don't ever forget to install a trimming valve!

Burton Fire Table 17 Burton Fire Table 27
Burton Fire Table 28 Burton Fire Table 20
Burton Fire Table 24 Burton Fire Table 23
Burton Fire Table 8 Burton Fire Table 9

There are 6 colors on Ramsey's color wheel in the fibre optics.

Burton Fire Table 16 Burton Fire Table 15
Burton Fire Table 14 Burton Fire Table 13
Burton Fire Table 6 Burton Fire Table 5

Above and below you can see the cover Ramsey have made to protect the fire table when not in use.  Great job Ramsey!
Burton Fire Table 1

The next table was built for a customer in La Jolla California. The table was 30" x 60" with a 24" x 54" fire pit area. They are going to make their own granite top to overlay.

La Jolla Fire Table La Jolla Fire Table
La Jolla Fire Table La Jolla Fire Table
All metal construction and their granite cut and installed. 

The collection of Fire Tables below are from D Cook, one of our dealers and a manufacture of some really nice high end fire tables and planter boxes in any and all metals. 

dci 5 dci 3
dci 4 dci 6
dci 8 dci 7

Below is our display just setting up in Palm Springs. This is a 36" steel table with a 42" aluminum top fitted with a 18" pan and we installed a 12" double stainless steel ring into the pan. On top of the table is one of our 18" low profile pans and to the right is one of our newer round stainless steel RV Fire Pit burners fitted for propane.

Fire Tables 1 Fire Tables 2
Fire Tables 3 Fire Tables 4
Fire Tables 12 Fire Tables 25
Fire Tables 18 Fire Tables 24

Below is an 18" aluminum Fire Table fitted with a 12" stainless steel ring burner. Below is an 18" steel Fire Table (uncoated) burning with Starfire Base Glass and a few Clear Diamonds on top.  Below is our 18" Fire Table fitted with a single stainless steel ring burner. This is our low profile Fire Table also used in our RV Fire Pit series of pan burners. 

David Table 5 Fire Tables 22
Fire Tables 21 Fire Tables 19

Below is the 20" round stainless steel pan burner. We installed Black Magic for the show. The Black Magic gets the attention of almost every one. These pans will also be available in aluminum as well. These were designed with taking them out camping and when your finished you can install it in your table at home. Or just leave it on the table top or even leave it it on the ground. These can be made fro natural gas or propane.  Below is our 18" steel Fire Table with Starfire Base Glass and Clear Diamonds on top.

Below is our 36" aluminum Fire Table. This is on the back of our show trailer just before we set the show up.

Above and below is our 18" Fire Table burning at the show.

Below is our 36" aluminum Fire Table with a triple 24" stainless steel ring installed. Above is with out the flash and below is with the flash so you can see what it really is!

Fire Tables 14 Fire Tables 13


Below is a 24" x 60" stainless steel Fire Table with a 12" x 48" burner area with Bronze Base Glass installed. We used a 38" "H" burner in stainless steel. The table was powder coated to the customers choice of colors. There were actually two of these delivered to San Diego. This was delivered and installed in San Diego California.

David Table 1 David Table 2
David Table 3 David Table 4

The fire pit/ table is at the Roxbury Hotel and we will show you the progress here from beginning to end. This was a propane installation with our FPPK burner. The colors used were: 

Above shows the framing and the gas line coming in.
Below shows the pipe coming out of the floor and the thermocouple on the glass next to the igniter

roxbury 4 roxbury 5
roxbury 6 roxbury 8
roxbury 7a

1/4" Starfire Base Glass1/2" Starfire Base GlassGold Base glassLime Green TopperPale Olive Green TopperOlive Green Topper, a little bit of wood and tile and here you go!  Roxbury Hotel, a cool fire pit!

roxbury 1 roxbury 2
roxbury 7 roxbury 3

Other Projects of Interest.

custom music and fire feature
Currently under-development, our latest product" tubED" is
a fire feature that uses sound waves to electronically excite
gas molecules.  Check out the Video Here.

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Moderustic unique fire features and patented fireglass
We have added another page - Check out some of our most unique projects & products

custom music and fire feature
Currently under-development, our latest product "tubED" is
a fire feature that uses sound waves to electronically excite
gas molecules.  Check out the Video Here.


Here Is A List Of Our Many Unique Products

Base Fire glass

High Quality Base FireGlassCheck it Out!
Fire glass decrotive toppings
FireGlass Decorative Toppings - Check it Out!
Fireplace Burner
Fireplace Burners 
150 different types of burners 
Single, double, triple, H pattern, Double H pattern, Triple H pattern to name a few.  Check it out!
Metal Fire Rings Metal Fire Rings  
Rounds,with and without centers, singles, doubles, triples, quads and  quints (5) half rounds,star burners, u burners, h burners and on and on. And if this is not enough we will custom build a burner to your specifications. Any and or all of these burners can and will be calibrated to burn propane or natural gas
 Check it Out!
Propane Pans for fireplaces Propane Pans 
In brushed aluminum, stainless steel, brass, copper, steel or any other metal finish you would desire!  Check it Out
Fireplace fire balls Fireplace FireBalls 
Available in painted or Glazed and Hallow. Color options include RED, LIGHT BROWN, DARK BROWN, SILVER, BLACK, WHITE, DARK GRAY, LIGHT GRAY, TERRACOTTA. Check it Out!
stones and rocks for your fireplace Fireplace Clay Stones and Concrete Shapes and Balls. Available in various sizes and colors.  
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Fire and Glass Logos Logos in FireGlass
Available in any size or design! Choose your colors from our large selection of FireGlass and we build custom frames that match your logo.  Put this in your fireplace or fire pit   Check it Out!
Fireplace metal surrounds Custom Fireplace Surround Frames Our surrounds can be made from Aluminum or Stainless Steel, or whatever material you like. There are often small imperfections, but that's because they are hand made; not machine manufactured.  Check it Out!
Vortex Flame glass box

Vortex Fires 
For both indoor and outdoor.  With optional remote control, propane conversion, vinyl or marine vinyl covers, and pedestals.  Size and cost range from:

18" x 18" by 36" high, 
 with windshield.
Clear glass = 
Reflective = $1600

18 x 18 by 48" high,  with windshield.
Clear glass = 
Reflective = $1600
Without Windshields
12" x 12" by 36" high
Clear glass = 
Reflective = $1200

12" x 12" by 48" high
Clear glass = 
Reflective = $1200

 Check it Out!
Alcohol Vortex 10

VortexED 55 
An alcohol based Vortex specifically designed for indoor use.  We offer several creative options using clear glass with various metal bases and stands.  Sizes range from

4 x 4 x 12 high at $80/ $105

4 x 4 x 14 high at $90/ $115

5 x 5 by 14 high at $100/ $125

6 x 6 by 18 high at $140/ $180

8 x 8 by 24 high at $240/ $280

12 x 12 by 30 high at $280/ $320

Extra charges apply for stainless steel, copper, brass, etc 

 Check it Out!
Portable RV Fire Pit Portable FireGlass Fire Pits 
Available in both propane and natural gas. These are made from perforated aluminum or whatever material you'd like.  We can customize these to suit any size, shape or material, even with wheels. Check it Out!
Black Magic Turns Flames Blue Black Magic, Blue Flames
Our black magic sand will give your fire pit or fireplace that WOW factor you always wanted.  Check it Out!
Large Fire Bowls Custom Fire Bowls
No job is too big or too small.  We can provide the right type of custom burners and FireGlass to fulfill the toughest commercial job expectations.  Check it Out!
Custom Fireplace Jobs FireGlass for Custom Fireplaces
We've helped thousands of people with their custom fireplaces.  From homes in Beverly Hills to boutique Hotels.  There's no project we fear. 
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Fire Tables with Fireglass Fire Tables with FireGlass
Want beauty &
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Indoor Fire table Indoor Fires
We've worked on some amazing indoor fire tables over the years. Propane or Natural gas jobs.
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Fire Pits Outdoor Fire Pits
Our FireGlass can make any fire pit look better! Check it Out!
Water Fire Feature


Custom Water and Fire Features
We fear no custom jobs.  From propane or natural gas flames, water features combined with  fiber optic color lights.  Just ask, chances are we can make your dreams come true!
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