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These unique items come in various metals steel, cast iron, brass, stainless steel in all different sizes, shapes, varieties, balls, half rounds, full rounds, flowers, leaves, spheres etc...
These are special order items.  Call to inquire about pricing and availability (909)  989-6129
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These will be made in hundreds of colors when we start production in the near future! They range from 2" to 6" in size and these look great in the fire!

fire rocks 7

Below are the Fire Rocks one at a time

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firestone 3firestone 4

firestone 5firestone 6

firestone 7

This is an experimental project has been going on for several years.  We are trying to find a way to change the molecular structure of Quartz, so that it wont explode in fire.  
Here are a few pictures to introduce you to the idea behind the new product line. We would like to introduce about 40 to 50 new Quartz in a variety of sizes.

These pictures show the size, quality and color.  We want you to know you are not getting anything recycled! We don't deal with anything recycled but we still hear all of the horror stories almost everyday, so please be careful. 


Christy Collins Design in Chicago at the Dana Hotel at the Vertigo on the top floor!

Click Here to see the pictures!

Christy Collins Design

 Vertigo Sky Lounge

quartz 3 quartz 4
quartz 2 quartz 7
quartz 1 quartz 9
quartz 11 quartz 13 909 989 6129


Our Glass is SAFE and See Why!

Safe Glass
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Moderustic Aquatic Glassel Fireplace Glass Rocks Propane Fireplaces