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Spun Bowls!
Available in Aluminum or Stainless Steel 

Our high-quality and beautiful aluminum (or stainless steel) spun bowls, have been designed for our most creative customers who seek the best in custom work.
spun bowl 11 spun bowl 3
spun bowl 10 24
Water over Fire Water over Fire

Price Varies on availability and market cost.  
Please Call to Order (909) 989-6129

16" Diameter =  Approximately ~ TBD

20" Diameter = Approximately ~ TBD

24" Diameter = Approximately ~ TBD

48" Diameter (7" height) = Approximately ~ $1,120.00


Stainless Steel

24" Diameter 12 gage = Approximately ~ TBD

24" Diameter 14 gage = Approximately ~ TBD

36" Diameter 12 gage = Approximately ~ TBD

36" Diameter 10 gage =  Approximately ~ TBD

47" Diameter = Approximately ~ TBD



spun bowl 1 spun bowl 6
spun bowl 2 spun bowl 4
spun bowl 7 spun bowl 9
spun bowl 8 spun bowl 12
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The next Water and Fire Feature can be made in any configuration, size or shape. We can install it in a table or leave it as a stand alone feature. Whatever you like. This particular bowl is a spun aluminum 30" bowl with a 26" water ring and about 100 lbs of Multi Mix Base Glass. We added a few of our Terra Cotta Fire Balls in the center.

Water over Fire Water over Fire
Water over Fire Water over Fire
Water over Fire

The two bowl below are 24" aluminum bowls with 18" double stainless steel rings installed. We made 13" x 13" platforms for these to be mounted on a stone column for the customer.

fire bowl 8 fire bowl 7
fire bowl 5 fire bowl 4
fire bowl 2 fire bowl 1


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