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What is an Insert?.


The pictures below are from Iggy in New York. He sent me a picture of his fireplace and asked me what we can do to help him. Well sit down and watch. A new pan, hood, surround, tile and Starfire Base Glass! Nice insert, not! Just like "Nice Logs", not!

iggy 1

iggy 2

iggy 3

iggy 4

iggy 5

iggy 6

iggy 7

iggy 8

below is a template for the stainless steel pan

iggy 9

Below we added a pan

iggy 13

Below we added a vent which was taken out years ago.

iggy 15

iggy 16

iggy 10

iggy 11

iggy 14

Above you can see the the key valve and below you don't see it. Because we made a removable panel!

iggy 12

iggy 18

iggy 17

iggy 19

iggy 20

iggy 21

iggy 22

iggy 23

There you have it in Rochester New York, Iggy it looks great.


The next abomination I had to post! A customer asked me what he had to do to convert their fireplace! This is supposed to be an insert. Putting a fireplace in a fireplace is just nuts! If you were shown what they are or were going to do, would you still continue? I don't think so. This seems like a money making scheme to sell you something as ugly and idiotic as an insert. Why couldn't they come up with something more aesthetic or useful? I guess the fireplace industry is not very creative. After seeing so many of these the only advice I can give is RUN if anyone recommends an insert. You be the judge:

Insert my ass! 1

Insert my ass! 2

It looks like they hacked up the fireplace installing the flexible vent, nice job!

Insert my ass! 3

Insert my ass! 4

Insert my ass! 5

Insert my ass! 6

Insert my ass! 7

in my opinion, they butchered the fireplace and stuck in some insane part of a dead robot! It's a fireplace! Your looking for failure if you install this type of a fireplace.

Insert my ass! 8 909 989 6129


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