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Ribbon Burners

Custom Ribbon burners are known for their elegant modern design.  They are best seen when the burner is left uncovered by any media; this allows for the full effect of the "Wall Of Flame" to be best seen. 

We use 25,000 btu's per linear foot when calculate customs for 10~12" flame.


Rick Hechinger Ribbon Burner, CLICK HERE or on the Pictures to see the construction.

Rick Hechinger Ribbon Burner

A 32" stainless steel propane Ribbon Burner.

A 24" Natural Gas Steel Ribbon Burner with a custom pan.

ribbon burner with pan ribbon burner with pan
ribbon burner with pan ribbon burner with pan

The pan was filled with Starfire Base Glass FireGlass.

reddish 10

A custom propane Ribbon Burner for a two sided fireplace.

Propane Ribbon Burner Propane Ribbon Burner
Propane Ribbon Burner Propane Ribbon Burner
Propane Ribbon Burner How Not To Do It In Mexico
How Not To Do It In Mexico How Not To Do It In Mexico


Here is a pair of  50" inch Ribbon Burner, to be installed in front of other to create two walls of fire. Powered be an electronic ignition system they are to be installed in Santa Barbara California.  
javier 1

The electronic ignition system powering the burners is a 110 volt 415,000 btu system.  The flame height can adjusted manually.

javier 4 javier 2
javier 3

The Ribbon Burner below is made from 1/8" brushed stainless steel. The center was water jet cut and then we bent  the two center fins down to install the ribbon burner with electronic ignition. The base  plate measured 94" x 26" and was installed in San Diego, California. The architect is Kelly Crain of San Diego.

strausse 6 strausse 5
strausse 4 strausse 1
strausse 3 strausse 2

Our customer provided us with an existing curved  pan, of which we then designed this custom (304) Stainless Steel Propane Ribbon Burner to fit perfectly in it. 

Custom Ribbon burner Propane Ribbon Burner
Propane Ribbon Burner Propane Ribbon Burner
Propane Ribbon Burner

This was tested in the shop with a minimal of 1/4 lb of natural gas. This burner is capable of at least an 18" ribbon burner. If you look in the center you will see the ignition head for the electronic ignition.  The burner below is a propane Ribbon Burner with all stainless steel construction.

Propane Ribbon 1 Propane Ribbon 3
Propane Ribbon 5 Propane Ribbon 6
Propane Ribbon 7 Propane Ribbon 8

A custom Pan with Ribbon Burner, check out the different flame patterns the Ribbon Burner generates.  

reddish 15 reddish 17
reddish 20 reddish 21
reddish 22 reddish 23
reddish 24 reddish 25

Now we install the Brushed Aluminum Surround  to finish this fireplace off!

reddish 29 reddish 30
reddish 31 reddish 33

What we do is very simple, we listen to the customers needs and build from their imagination. 
reddish 34

The fireplace below is on the water in Florida. We built a Ribbon Burner for this Propane Burner and equipped it with an Electronic Ignition. All parts that were used were #316 marine grade stainless steel.  The media that was used was a very fine crushed lava.

Mark Cotter Fireplace 5 Mark Cotter Fireplace 4
Mark Cotter Fireplace 3 Mark Cotter Fireplace 2

Mark Cotter was the contractor in Florida who is responsible for this wonderful addition!

Mark Cotter Fireplace 1

Jim Cogan Created this next fireplace using a Bronze Rust Copper Base Glass. He installed a Ribbon Burner opposed to a regular double burner. He had us make a 1/2" piece of Starfire as a front shield to contain the glass and it served as a "draft offset" to keep the Ribbon Burner traveling straight up. Here are the before and after pictures:

Jim Cogan Jim Cogan
Jim Cogan Jim Cogan
Jim Cogan Jim Cogan

The next several pictures are of a 24" x 54" x 3 1/2" deep triangle pan with the first Ribbon Burner we ever created! It's in a bed of  black silicone carbide (Black Magic) .  We can build these in any size, shape, material and in natural gas or propane.  A ribbon burner essentially converges all of the flames together making it look like a ribbon of fire. 

ribbon 7 ribbon 5
ribbon 6 ribbon 4

Ribbon burners can be fabricated in steel or stainless steel; with or without a pan. This burner was built for a customer in Palm Springs for their fireplace.  

ribbon 3 ribbon 2

ribbon 1


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